Oil & Gas IT Support Services

You Manage the Energy. We Take on the Technology.


The booming oil and gas industry implies a boom in business, and likewise, ever-expanding IT challenges. Where the industry once relied solely on the technology needed to successfully extract oil and natural gas from the earth, there is now an increased imperative for specialized information technology services. In short, the industry is experiencing an eruption of data in different shapes and forms—data that can work to the benefit of these companies, if properly managed in compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Always changing and tightening, FERC mandates dictate an IT infrastructure expressly designed for the oil and gas industry. Wood Networks understands FERC regulations and provides networked infrastructures that allow oil and gas companies to operate the business side of the industry more simply and efficiently while observing compliance issues. As a result, these companies can get back to the basics in supplying energy.

We help oil and gas companies cut the cost of buying and managing technology, from strategic planning to complete outsourced IT management.

Benefits of Our Oil & Gas IT Support Services

  • Computers
  • Servers & networking
  • Consulting
  • Cloud solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Cabling infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Help desk support
  • Software installation, updates & management
  • Strengthen security against viruses & hackers
  • Email encryption
  • Desktop & network monitoring
  • Reduced time spent on IT
  • Ensure applications operate smoothly

Oil & Gas IT Support Challenges


The importance of network reliability cannot be overstated. Modern rigs function as part drilling device and part complex data collection hub. Pipelines need to be monitored 24×7 to ensure environmental safety and guard against service disruptions. With a constant stream of vital information to be collected, relayed, and analyzed, a fast, secure and accurate network managed by Wood Networks is the only way to manage costs and keep the oil and gas flowing.


Regulations constantly change, and it’s imperative that all your technology is continually monitored and upgraded to ensure they meet the most current rules. That applies to how your applications store data, your storage protects it, and your networks transmit it. Wood Networks makes that happen.

Performance & Integration

All of your equipment and software has to run perfectly on its own and be perfectly integrated with each other. From project management systems to your back office and customer portal, Wood Networks effectively and efficiently puts it all together.


You face three costs. First is the capital cost of owning and licensing technology. Second is the operational cost of keeping that technology running. Third is the cost when you fall out of compliance. With Wood Networks, your costs will be proficiently managed.


Data loss – whether by a hacker, lost equipment or natural disaster – throws a project into a tailspin, imposing days and days of delay. Every delay means money wasted and revenue missed. That demands at the ready a strategic backup, restore and disaster recovery system. Wood Networks is set to go.

Expert IT services when you need them most.